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This pine was approximately 100 feet tall and worried the homeowner about the proximity to the home. We lowered all the lower limbs on bull rope, laid out a cushion of limbs, dropped the top and pulled the last 60 feet into the cushion to greatly reduce the chance of damage to the yard.

This was a big maple overhanging an addition to the house. No damage done as everything was lowered or swung away from the home.

This triple-trunk hickory was six feet from this home, we had it down in less than four hours with no damage to the home. The customer was having a pool put in and needed the tree removed to minimize debris in the pool.

Note the care taken in piecing out these two oak trees. Both were over the garden. No damage was done to the shrubs or the dogwood underneath.

This pine was embedded inside a crape myrtle garden. Pieces of the tree were zip-lined to the dump truck across the yard to minimize contact with the decorative trees underneath. This tree was climbed without the use of a lift and was carefully disassembled which took 8 hours. The garden still looks great after the tree was removed.

A pecan limb fell on a roof during a storm in downtown Columbia. We were able to secure the limb and take it apart piece by piece safely and with no damage to either home.

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